4 Common Skin Care Facts and Myths


When it comes to skin care, a lot of people have established some facts and myths that others buy. However, this sometimes result to misunderstandings. Other times, they often result to individuals practicing bad habits that can be harmful for the skin. So to straighten some facts and myths straight, we have validated 4 of them.

Myth: Sleeping with make up on will give you acne the next day.
Fact: Habitually sleeping with make up on will pave the way for acne breakouts.

In general, not cleaning your face before going to bed is inadvisable. But if you’re guilty of sleeping with make up on once or twice, you don’t have to worry. The ones who should be concerned or the people who make it a habit to do this. Remember that sleeping with make up on frequently will suffocate your skin. Hence, you’re likely to get acne breakouts because of it.

Myth: Not washing your face frequently will lead to the development of acne.
Fact: Washing your face frequently can be bad.

Yes, washing your face too much can be bad. This is what’s called as over cleansing. People who are guilty of washing their face more than twice a day should start thinking of breaking the habit. Over cleansing can strip your face off some good oil that protects the skin. Hence, your skin is left dehydrated.

Myth: Washing your face with hot water will open your pores up to get a better cleaning.
Fact: Washing your face with hot water can make your skin dry.

While it’s true that hot water will open up your pores, it also opens your skin to a number of skin problems. Washing your face with hot water can result to dry skin. Ultimately, this leaves your skin susceptible to various types of skin issues. For best results, wash your face with lukewarm water, nothing else.

Myth: The harder your scrub or exfoliate, the better.
Fact: The harder you scrub or exfoliate, the worse your skin gets.

Generally speaking, scrubbing your face harshly is not recommended. This also applies to using harsh scrubs and microbeads when exfoliating. When you scrub intensely or use microbeads for exfoliating, your skin gets cuts that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Nevertheless, you’ll feel this once you apply a product. If your face stings after a product application, you’re most likely doing a bad job in exfoliating.

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