5 Surprising Benefits of Microneedling

As far as beauty regimens go, micro needling might just be one of the most extreme ways to get clear and flawless skin. But don’t knock micro needling until you’ve tried it. This treatment might turn out to be the best thing that will ever happen to your face.

But before we go into the benefits, what is micro needling exactly? Also referred to as collagen induction therapy, micro needling involves using a device (like a dermaroller) to make tiny puncture wounds in the skin’s topmost layer to induce collagen production. While it doesn’t seem like your typical day at the spa, it’s a minimally invasive and painless skin treatment that promises to reverse most signs of skin aging.

Experts say that it works the same way as laser therapy, only you’re using a mechanical device instead of light or heat to injure the skin.

Here are some surprising benefits of “going under the micro needle” that you can enjoy.

Improves skin texture almost immediately

With the tiny needles stimulating the skin to produce new collagen, your skin will look healthier and plumper. Even with the slight redness after an hour-long session, you’ll notice your skin texture will improve almost immediately.

Minimizes superficial scars and pockmarks

Treating pockmarks by scarring the skin doesn’t seem very logical but thanks to a process known as fibrosis, micro needling is one of the most effective ways to smoothen out the skin’s surface.

Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

Microneedling doesn’t just increase collagen production, it also helps form tiny blood vessels that send blood and oxygen straight to the dermis. This actually tightens the skin, making wrinkles and fine lines less visible.

Exfoliates skin naturally

Any skin treatment that disrupts the skin will lead to exfoliation. Compared to chemical peels, micro needling is a much safer way to slough off dead skin cells.

Treats acne

Do you want to stop acne without using harsh chemicals? Then micro needling will definitely help treat acne as it’s found to be very effective in reducing sebum production.

Want to boost your results and cut down healing time? Skin experts recommend that you apply a Vitamin C serum after every session for healthy glowing skin.

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